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The Perfect Look.

It's bloody cold.

Moving on, my first semester of university is almost over! Lectures and tutorials are finished, and I'm currently in Swot Vac week (whatever that is) and I have an essay due Friday and next Monday, and that's it! I don't think exam weeks are included in a semester, so I'm looking forward to my two weeks off after my final exam, which should be awesome.

Overall I enjoyed my first semester of uni, despite my confusion over various aspects of it. I passed all my work, with a number of High Distinctions (and, indeed, several 'just passed' passes) and I can't have expected any more of myself. I still need to work out how to more effectively manage my time and tutorial readings, but I think that will come with time.

I took my cousin Jasmayne to Westfield Marion because she had to speak to her manager about her hours at work, and saw Carrie again. It was a really grounding experience to talk to one of my friends from year 12, because it reminded me of my year 12 experience, which was one of the most positive and enjoyable of my life. I really miss that group, and I feel very displaced at uni because I have many acquiantances without having a solid social base. Luckily, this doesn't bother me as much as it would have a few years ago, as I now have a wonderful social base outside of uni which has been a rock for me this year, and which is also an aspect of my university experience.

But I'll attempt to avoid delving deeper into an analysis of my first semester at university, cos in reality none of you probably give a damn, as it in no way relates to anything moderately important, so I'll move on.

About a week and a half ago, maybe a bit longer, my mum found out that her cousin has an inoperable brain tumour, which was quite sad. I don't know the man very well at all, only what his mother likes to tell us about him (most of which needs to be taken with a grain of salt), but I have met him and remember him to be a quite nice fellow. He has two children and is in his forties, which is very unfortunate for the family. I feel a lot of sympathy and compassion for his mother, who lost two children in infancy and another to leukemia at 12, so I really hope the chemotherapy works for her final child. I can't imagine having to bury four children, but then I haven't lost a family member since I was 5 years old so any loss is something of a mystery to me, thank God.

On the weekend Joshua turns 18. It's a rather worrying thought. Not as bad as the news that Jasmayne is dating his friend MJ, which disturbs me a lot for a few reasons I won't go into here, but I will say, rather cruelly, that the kid's not going anywhere in life, and I told Jasmayne enough and to be careful. He seems reasonably sensible, though. And I know Joshua will look out for her.

My own love life continues to stagnate. I watched a bit of The 40 Year Old Virgin yesterday and was rather alarmed to note that I've actually reached a point where I can't be bothered with dating someone. The idea of slotting someone into my life at the moment is pretty much a turn off. While I like the appeal of having someone focus a considerable amount of their time on me, I'm in no way interested in reciprocating. This leaves me pretty confused about my crush at uni, and means I'll continue to fence-sit until something dramatic happens to force me to change my stance on men.

Well, I should get some work done on this history essay. Au revoir!

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