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Will You Even Tell Her?

Bon-jower mes amis!

Hope you're all still alive and kicking after last night! Happy New Year to y'all!

Highlights of last night included: My cousin mark using glow sticks to make a rather long... "Crotch accessory", Trish reminding me repeatedly that Bacardi and coke tasted like soda stream, my aunty Bev being so drunk she knocked all the pies off the tray and into the oven, and me being told repeatedly by my cousin Candice's friend that I reminded her of her hairdresser, whose name is Mark. I remember his name, but not hers... Go figure.

Anyway, remember to drink a glass of water when you get up to help you feel better, and if you're party is beginning again, then HAVE A FEW MORE FOR ME!

Tags: drunken events of the entertaining kind, new years eve

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